Wanna ride in my Nopemobile?

I’ll be taking a trip to Phuckdatville in October around the time my step-sister is due to deliver her 4th child. She told my mom, “After the birth Gracie would be such a big help around the house with the other kids and chores for the next few weeks.” Apparently she is going to have her tubes tied which is pretty confusing to me seeing as she is religiously fanatical about everything. Maybe I’m off a little here but doesn’t the bible indicate that that’s a woman’s sole purpose in life? To bear her husband’s children? Whatever. She has always been so quick to judge us on our lifestyles and vices. Karma. I have no interest in spending any amount of time with her or her family not after the way she and her husband have disrespected our daddy and my mom.

Small Smiles.

Wild flowers in an old see through glass vase sitting over a lace doilie on a window sill looking out at the world around it.

It’s refreshing and can be the cause of a small smile but at the same time it’s also very sad. It’s so sad that it has an almost beautiful meaning. Or maybe I am just a sap who reads a little too much in between the lines.

Southern Cuisine Logic.

Alligator. If it doesn’t taste like chicken, it wasn’t properly prepared. Shark. If it doesn’t taste like chicken, it wasn’t properly prepared. Chicken is a universal answer. Don’t like chicken? Kindly admit yourself to an insane asylum.