You are not being punished by God, and this is NOT a sign from God that you are not meant to be a mother. Stay in Faith, and do not give up. Your appointed time is coming. Don’t give up on God, because he has not given up on you. Keep taking care of yourself. Eat right. Sleep well. Exercise. Take your vitamins. And most important, pray! Change that negative mindset and think positive. Tell your ovaries and womb to be fruitful. There is life in your tongue. Speak life. God bless you!
― (via alittlebitgoesalongway)

But I miss my kids. At least now I will have time to get my lovies care packages together and go Goodwill hunting with my sister. I still have to paint her apron, sew her costume for the con, and put together my baby cousins costume for the con and Halloween. Busy, busy bee.

To the people who love you, you are beautiful already. This is not because they’re blind to your shortcomings but because they so clearly see your soul. Your shortcomings then dim by comparison. The people who care about you are willing to let you be imperfect and beautiful, too.
― Victoria Moran, Lit From Within: Tending Your Soul For Lifelong Beauty (via kushandwizdom)
If you want to know if someone was meant to be in your future, then remove all the worldly things about them from your mind. Don’t think about their looks, the intimate moments or their personality. Now, think about how they made you feel, how they improved your life and what virtues they possess that push you to want to become better. Did they bring you closer to God? Did they bring you to your life mission? Did they ever lie to you, betray you or made it impossible for you to feel comfortable speaking your mind? When you remove all the shine from a diamond, it becomes a glass rock. What value is it then? See beneath the surface and you will know who your future is with.

β€”Shannon L. Alder (via in-my-own-world1)


Just because you cared about a person in the past doesn’t mean that you will always care about them, or you should care about them. If they were toxic to your being, then leaving them behind was the best choice you made. You left them in the past for a reason. Don’t let them give you a reason to go back there.
― Joanna Strafford (via joannas-writing-page)