Apartment or House?

I’m still geared towards living in an apartment when we get back to Kansas moreso for the pure fact that I would love to have neighbours I can interact and socialize with on a daily basis. Maybe make a friend or two within the building to invite over for coffee after our spouses have left for work, walk our dogs together, invite the neighbours over for dinner, or even go as far as having a slumber party every weekend when our SO’s are away training. I could do all these things in a house too, yes but then it’s a matter of gas, I’m too much of a penny pincher when we have utility bills and rent. I get that there are PROS & CONS, but I’m just so ready. I’ll be going home a good two weeks before my lovie is back on American soil so I can scout out a place, get the paperwork in order, move in and have the place all decorated and homie by the time he walks through the door. I was ready… like YESTERDAY! 😍🏒🏑✨

Your first family is your blood family and you always be true to that. That means something. But there’s another family and that’s the kind you go out and find. Maybe even by accident sometimes. And they’re as much blood as your first family. Maybe more so, because they don’t have to look out for you and they don’t have to love you. They choose to.
― Dennis Lehane, The Given Day (via wordsnquotes)


"I’m strong and I’m real, and I guess some people will always overlook the good that I’ve done, because they only judge by how I "do" that "good", not by the good that’s been done."


- Capricorn (zodiacsociety)

Eh, we’ll go with it. A Capricorns favorite motto to live by, β€œFuck β€˜em.” ✌❀