Cats, Coffee &nd HLN.

Cuddling kitties, great pumpkin spice coffee and that clerk bug spraying a robber in the eyes with her hand gently resting on her hip like, “I ain’t got time for your shit tonight fool.” on HLN Morning Express. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

When nasty blogs re-blog, like and follow you. 😐😑😑😑 wtfguy?! I don’t want to see some hotdog hallway vaginas and foreign dick after dick pic as someones cover / ID photo. Married &ND NOT into or interested bitches. #absolutelydisgusting

Pet Peeve.

When someone, who clearly doesn’t smoke, has yellow teeth. Ew, dude, no. Get your nasty ass away from me. Well, yellow teeth in general but seriously if you don’t smoke and still slack off on brushing then you have hygienic issues.

Curled up with my head on your chest is the best remedy for the pain and the stress

Childish Gambino (via the1975drugs)


My Pets Are My Children.

All I have to do is say their name once, tell them “No!” and they go curl up and give me pouty looks from across the room. Y’know what? Sorry, not sorry, kiddos but you being smooshed by a 47” flatscreen doesn’t sound like a good idea. Mommy is trying to rearrange furniture and clean.